Adv. Course Photography

Adv. Course Photography

Duration: 2 Years / After 10+2 Years


Photography is the art of image-making. A single photograph can tell so many stories if it captures perfectly. A photographer needs to develop his eye, a creative vision before he takes the photo.

Manthan Media School has not only teaches you the basic technic of photography but also enhance your artistic vision to produce better photography. We have courses from basic to advance levels. It’s the skill that once you acquire, you will see the world differently whenever you click the photo.

You can build your professional carrier as a photographer in various divisions of photography like fashion photographer, food photographer, wedding photographer, or even wildlife photographer.


First Semester

  • Art of seeing
  • Camera and basic camera menus
  • Lenses
  • Exposure and Histogram
  • Aperture
  • Shutter
  • ISO
  • Composition
  • Understanding Photoshop raw conversion

Second Semester

  • Portrait Photography
  • Photography Backgrounds—Studio and Natural
  • Photography Accessories
  • Working with Lights
  • Female Poses for a Photoshoot
  • Female Posing Guide
  • Male Poses for a Photoshoot
  • Male Posing Guide

 Third Semester

  • Outdoor Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Post Production & Image Editing