1 Year Foundation Course in Film Making

Manthan Art School after successfully spreading its roots in applied arts and creative visualization, Starting its new venture with the same commitment of teaching and cultivating students in art filed, Introducing 1 year foundation course in film making pune, Mumbai, aurangabad. Cinema being the youngest art form we are surrounded by it every aspect of our lives.  By considering its complex engagement in general life and its gravity as art, technique and industry we are introducing this course to enrich students with practice oriented, experience based film making process to make them sensible, creative and skillful film professionals. This will allow them to learn the aesthetic and technique of film making in a practical way.

We are opening up a platform for students to have an opportunity, and resources to transform your passion for film into practical, professional skills through the hands-on experience in exercises lectures, and workshops

Cource Description

The course offers an opportunity to students to develop their personal orientation to this most complex art form.  Evolve them with various aspect of film making through intensive exercises, projects and workshop with aesthetic understanding and practical skills.Course combines practical, hands-on training with the critical theory and foundation that enables beginning level film students to develop into professionals in filmmaking and audio visual industry. Students not only learn the technical elements of filmmaking, but a strong emphasis is placed on artistic representation of storytelling. The year is divided in to two semesters the semester one will be giving the foundation of all the departments of cinema, which will evolve into second semester in advance understanding of film making. Students participate in an intensive sequence of classes in Film Directing, Screenwriting, and Camera Technique, Lighting, Editing, Directing Actors, production design and Workshops. They expand and deepen their in-class learning by classroom exercises producing their own short film.

By the end of the course students will be able to skillfully develop their knowledge of craft and content by creative collaboration in each other’s projects, exercises. Which will grow their ability to find their own orientation through working intensively in all department of film making which we call jack of all treads will become master of one.

Core Subjects

  • Script writing,
  • Direction,
  • Cinematography,
  • Editing,
  • Sound and music
  • Production design